We offer four main club programs. Each program is suited specifically with the athlete in mind. We have put a lot of thought in how to train every athlete at every age and every skill level. Every team will have a qualified adult coach throughout the season. Every team will be put in tournaments which are appropriate for their level of competition.


Learn all the proper techniques for passing, serving, setting, attacking, blocking and game strategies. Each skill will be broken down and taught individually through technique specific drills and game like scenarios.


Sign-up for private volleyball lessons with one of our coaches and take your skills to the next level.  We also offer strength and conditioning classes to up your game.


Top Flight Volleyball is dedicated to providing young athletes with a better understanding of the game of volleyball. Our staff will teach the skills and key ingredients to better our athletes both on and off the court. We feel that instilling hard work, confidence and commitment is something everyone can carry forward in all aspects of life. Training athletes to develop their skill set and challenge themselves in competition will facilitate their long term volleyball success. Our coaches are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all aspects of the game and strive to pass this on to each athlete.

Our coaching staff is experienced and unified in the teaching of basic skills, including the more advanced techniques of the game. With the philosophy of training athletes in an intense controlled environment, Top Flight Volleyball strives to be one of the top competitors in the volleyball community.

Top Flight is intent on competing with the top volleyball programs in the country. We will focus on training our athletes to do just that. Our unique training methods, strength and conditioning, individual position training and attention to detail are what we feel sets us apart from the competition. We focus on training each individual player to reach their potential. Every athlete is different and will require training that fits their needs. Our program also caters to the needs of the multi-sport athlete.

We will assist our athletes in their pursuit of college opportunities, meeting with parents and college coaches to provide each athlete with their possibilities for the future. We feel with the right amount of exposure and elite competition this will give our athletes a wonderful opportunity to continue their volleyball careers at the collegiate level.